Looking for a shoe with an executive look while ensuring maximum protection? Our range of executive safety shoes is the answer. These shoes cross the line between business and safety without compromising on any.

Our range of stylish executive safety shoes look good for business, they meet specified safety standards and offer arch support so you can be comfortable on your feet all day. These shoes are meant for managers and business executives that move between sites to business meetings and back to the office.

As a manager or business executive, you could be on your feet all day supervising employees, moving from one department to the other and even between factories. You, therefore, need a shoe that looks professional, offers support, and is above all safe. Our shoes ensure you are comfortable as you move all day and prevent the feet from undue pressure and strain which can cause painful sores.

We have a fantastic collection of classic brogues, whole cuts, Derby's, Chelsea boots, and Oxfords. All our shoes have genuine upper leather finishes that will last you long. The shoes show a lot of finesse in the way they are finished. They have a polished look for that professional business look.

We have a wide range of finishes to keep you excited and to ensure you get the look you want. From fully hand made to hand-stitched, full-grain to smooth leather we have everything to meet different preferences. We also have our shoes in a wide range of colors, including brown, black and grey.

Besides being stylish and safe, our executive safety shoes Kenya are also robust and lightweight. You will not notice that you are wearing safety shoes because of how lightweight and stylish they are, but in the case where your feet are exposed to risk you will notice just how safe you have been.

We have collated our collection of executive business shoes in Kenya to give you a wide selection of styles at different price points. We have a wide selection of brands both local and international so you can get the right shoe regardless of your budget or design preferences.

All our brands are meticulously chosen based on quality. You can tell the quality of our shoes just by touch even before putting them on. The interior is lined for comfort as the leather and toe caps keep you protected whilst the sole reduces impact shock as you go by your day.

In the past years, the thought of getting high-quality, safety footwear that looked great in business attire seemed like an impossible ask. However, it is now possible to jump from a construction site to a meeting and back without having to carry an extra pair of shoes or clothes.

Scroll our entire collection of executive business shoes in Kenya and see just how we are making it possible for business executives like you to look their best while at work without compromising on safety.