Goliath is among the best brands of safety shoes and boots you will find in Kenya. The brand is manufactured in the UK using high quality materials and advanced technologies. As such, with Goliath safety shoes Kenya, you can have the peace of mind you need when working.

Goliath safety shoes Kenya are available for all types of workplaces. Some of the places where you can use Goliath safety shoes include in fabrication, construction, general industrial, fire and rescue, manufacturing, engineering, security, police and utilities. There are also specially designed shoes for special hazard workplaces.

As a leading manufacturer of safety shoes, the Goliath brand is also a pioneer in some safety shoe technology. They are known for the DDR sole technology. This technology entails a special formula of two densities of soles to ensure protection and comfort. The outer sole is made of tough rubber that can withstand harsh external conditions. The midsole is also made of rubber but injected with air to make it softer and more comfortable to your feet.

The Goliath safety shoes in Kenya are quality and come with EN safety rating. The shoes meet all the international safety standards for the workplaces they are made for. With Goliath safety shoes you get the peace of mind you need knowing that you are protected even as you work in risky conditions. But that is not all, the comfort of the interior ensures you can keep going for long without fatigue on your feet.

If you are in the market for a quality safety shoe that will offer superior protection, then you should consider buying Goliath safety shoes Kenya. These shoes are well made using modern technologies and superior quality materials. We are direct suppliers of Goliath safety shoes in Kenya and therefore we offer our products at recommended prices. Contact us to learn more.