Employees working under hazardous conditions require safety equipment to keep them safe and protected. One of the important safety footwear to have is safety gumboots. Safety gumboots are essential in conditions where people cannot wear regular leather safety boots.

Safety gumboots are usually higher than regular leather safety boots, and they can withstand tougher and rougher conditions. They are manufactured with prescribed specifications meant for an array of conditions including; in mining, while working with chemicals and acids, and under extreme weather.

Our range of safety gumboots is designed to protect you from a wide range of risks including; flying and falling objects, electric shocks, punctures through soles and cuts, slipping and falling, burns and fatigue from standing for too long. We have the right pair for any of your needs.

The two most common materials used to make gumboots are rubber and PVC. These materials are tough, durable and flexible. You can bend with ease, walk, run, and even dance when wearing gumboots. Further, your gumboots come with different features depending on which conditions they will be used in.

There are those that have steel toe caps to protect your toes and feet from heavy falling objects. Some gumboots will offer protection from the knee all the way down to the feet while others protect the feet and the shin. There are those that are segmented with shin, foot and ankle segments that have additional kevlar material for superior protection.

The soles are not only tough; They are also thick enough to keep you off the ground and have good arch support for comfort throughout the day. In the midsole, there is a steel plate that prevents penetration by sharp objects and keeps the feet steady and comfortable.

The interior of a good pair of gumboots is usually lined with a soft material like cotton to enhance comfort. With our safety gumboots, you can walk fearlessly outdoors and also indoors regardless of the conditions since the soles are antislip.

Our wide selection of safety gumboots covers all the needs you might have and different budgets. We also have different colors including black, grey, white, yellow, red, and orange. Feeling overwhelmed by the many choices and features? Do not worry. We can help you choose the perfect pair of gumboots to meet your needs and preferences.

From basic waterproof gumboots to the most sophisticated for safety, we have it all. Whether you need gumboots for the food industry or you need chainsaw protection, we have a product that will meet your needs. We deliver quickly across the country and sell in bulk too. We specifically choose our boots for the wide nature of Kenyan feet so we can guarantee you comfort all day long.

Our safety gumboots are available for both hardworking men and women who need superior protection. You can choose from different trim heights too. Your feet will thank you for saving them by wearing safety gumboots. Scroll our wide range of safety gumboots and choose a pair that will suit your needs.